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Investment and Property Management Process

Partner With an Investment Company

Investing options can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started. It’s important to find an investment company you trust, especially if this is your first rental property purchase. You need a real estate investment company who is willing to walk you through all considerations. Woody Creek’s trusted staff helps you crunch the numbers for your investment budget – upfront and before you buy a thing. We help you look at what it will cost in maintenance, insurance and other hidden fees.


Woody Creek’s expert staff will help you investigate questions like: What is a price range that I am comfortable with? Which neighborhoods will likely increase in value over the next 15 years? How much money will it take to repair the house to get it ready for renting?

Once you’ve answered those questions and any others you may have, Woody Creek will help you find the best deal in your price range. We’ll bring you target properties that fit your needs, making sure that your investments are set up to succeed over the long term.

Hire Property Management Company

Woody Creek’s Property Management Team will take care of the day-to-day interactions with tenants, including finding new tenants when needed and handling routine maintenance. This means you don’t have to take phone calls every time the dishwasher breaks. Woody Creek rental properties have a 96% occupancy rate, meaning there’s almost always someone paying rent to you which means someone else is paying your monthly mortgage payment.

Monitor Your Investment

Woody Creek takes a hands-on approach when it comes to monitoring your investment. We help you look at the market and the value of your rental property to make key decisions such as whether the value of your rental property has gone up enough that it’s worth selling and buying two more properties. We’re always working to help you increase your investments in rental property real estate.